Sunday, June 03, 2007

for "my FrogKing father-in-law"

has anyone seen SHREK THE THIRD??
that's one of my fave lines lol.
it's a bit naughty i know, and my Father-in-Law isn't a Frog King either:
he's rather special, and this weekend he's just celebrated his 65th birthday.
i wanted to make him a special pressie, cos he and Lovely Mother-in-Law live in The Big Smoke, 200 km away and don't get to see the 5kiwikids much.
so i came up with a photo montage:

it's layers and layers of paint and shellac and photos and words on 10" x 12" canvas.
it's the essence of our little kiwi-family.
and of course, i had to put some sparkly beads on there, lol.
so now Nanma and Nandad can gaze at the grandkids any time they wish...

my winter project is to make a h-u-g-e one for our own dining room, with lots of levels and colour and bits of interest. and i've bought some gold leaf too, which i'll try to incorporate into the artwork.
it's one of those *watch this space* moments.


Blogger Kellsey said...

oh, wow! that's amazing! I hope that they love it and gaze at it often!`

5:25 PM  
Blogger Wedding Girl said...

you're so creative, kiwi girl!

7:15 PM  

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